September 28

Trace Adkins Delivers a Brilliant Rendition of “King of the Road”

Of all Roger Miller‘s list of incredible hits, he is probably best known for his 1964 single “King of the Road.” Conceived and penned by Miller himself, the song talks about the story of a hobo who travels from place to place. Even though he is poor, the hobo soon comes to realize that he is as rich as he can be. Hence, this makes him feel that he has the freedom to go wherever he wants whenever he wants, making him feel like he is the “king of the road.”

In addition, fans have well-received and responded favorably to the song. With this, “King of the Road” became known as Miller’s signature tune. In fact, the song clinched the top spot on different charts in several countries. Also, it managed to place fifth on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964.

The song did not just settle on the charts. It went on to earn Miller a Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1965, along with four other awards. Years and years later, the tune has remained a well-loved country music hit. Also, it has even served as the title of a big tribute album to Miller.

Watch Roger Miller sing his signature hit, “King of the Road” below:

For over four decades that the song was released, in 2006, Cracker Barrel hosted a concert honoring great artists and their works. One of them was the “King of the Road” by Roger Miller. Since Miller’s passing in 1992, country music star Trace Adkins occupied the stage to pay tribute to the original “king of the road.”

True enough, Adkins was the best candidate to pay homage to the late country fellow. With his deep voice flowing through each word, Adkin’s delivery of the song was as smooth as honey. Furthermore, he gave it his all and made the story of the song crystal clear. In his performance, his storytelling prowess was definitely highlighted to the highest degree, making it an extreme joy to watch. Without a doubt, Roger Miller would be very proud if he were still alive.

Watch Trace Adkins channel his inner Roger Miller in a powerful tribute:

Trace Adkins ~ King Of The Road

Guten Abend liebe Fans, das war 1965 die Hymne aller Kraftfahrer.

Posted by Newcountrymusicbox on Thursday, July 5, 2018

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