August 7

Trace Adkins Fondly Describes His Favorite Track on ‘Something’s Going On’

The cowboy-hat donning country music singer and actor, Trace Adkins is brimming with a bright smile on his face as he talks about 2017 album, Something’s Going On. Having bagged a number of awards nominations for his musical talent, one can assume that Trace Adkins is simply ecstatic to disclose all the beautiful memories he’s formed with his team in the making of his latest studio album—and that includes an exciting track that’ll surely surprise his fans.

Something’s Going On was released on March 31, 2017, and is the 16th studio album recorded by Trace Adkins. It was produced by Mickey Jack Cones under Wheelhouse Records and features 12 new songs by the acclaimed artist. According to Adkins, his new musical compilation has a little bit of something that everybody will surely relate to. His new line-up of songs convey stories of love, reflection, and even some upbeat rough tunes for a jam-packed musical journey.

Out of all the songs in Something’s Going On, Lit was the most fun and stand out among them all. It was released prior to the finalization of the album’s title and release date. It was written by Monty Criswell, Mickey Jack Cones, and Derek George. Adkins describes the song as a track that people can’t help but tap their feet along to. We’ve listened to the song, and we agree that it is so catchy and upbeat, it has a strong potential to prompt country fans globally to get on their feet and dance!

Adkins also admitted on his YouTube channel that from the beginning, he has felt a strong and instant attraction to Lit. For him, it was “just a smokin’ track and a lot of fun to do.

The country singer-actor further expounds that he has worked with Criswell on numerous occasions. As such, this helped in translating ideas that led to the creation of Lit. Meanwhile, it was Cones who first played Lit for Adkins, and it left the latter hooked instantly.

Throughout the entire time that Adkins talked about his brand new song, he couldn’t wipe the big smile shining on his face. We think this is probably the effect of the spell that the song has cast on him. We’re also 100% sure you’ll have the same reaction once you listen to the fun-filled, positively head-bopping song here:


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