When you hear Trace Adkins‘ “Every Light in the House,” you’ll just want to root for the guy and hope that the girl will come back to him. This song is tragic in the sense that the singer continues to hope for something that may not happen again.

This song is undeniably Trace Adkins’ most popular one because of the tune and the message behind it. We all have been in the situation of the singer, one way or the other. Life is just a matter of learning how to accept things for the way they are and learning to let go.

trace adkins, every light

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Trace Adkins Will Wait for You

If you’ll ever have a relationship with Trace Adkins, then you are in luck because he is one great guy. Of course, we are talking about the man that he portrays in his song. It is not all the time that you will see someone who is willing to wait for eternity just for their loved one to come back.

The track gives those hopeless romantics their own theme song. The man that Trace Adkins was portraying would wait for his lover to come back and he will do so by leaving all the lights on. It may not be environment-friendly, but you must admit that it is a very romantic gesture.

trace adkins, every light

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The Art of Letting Go

The track tells a story about a man being left behind by his woman. He did everything he could, but she still left him. However, he is willing to wait for her even for eternity. The song teaches us how to be patient, but does it promote the art of letting go?

Sometimes we just have to admit to ourselves that it is over. Some people leave us for a reason, so we either learn from this experience and move on or we will forever subject ourselves to unrequited love. The latter sounds horrible, so we really don’t have a choice but to love ourselves again since everything was given to the person who left us.

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