May 30

“Tough as Nails”: God is Bigger than Our Problems

clay jacobs tough as nails

When facing a problem in life what do you do? Do you get mad, overthink, or pray to God? No matter who you are or how rich you may be, life always becomes this way, we have to face problems every day and no one is exempted from that rule. Yet, how we look at our problems will define how difficult it would be.

“Tough As Nails”

A song that will remind us that God is bigger than our problem, “Tough As Nails.” The song was written and performed by Clay Jacobs, an American country singer in 2005. It was his number 3 track on his album Try Something New. His album is a collection of gospel songs written by him and some by Shane Brooks and Justin Todd Herod. If you want to be drawn closer to God, Jacobs’ album can be a stepping stone to have a stronger faith in God.

The Song’s Content and Reflection

We face different levels of challenges every day in our lives. Some are easy to handle and we don’t actually complain about them. However, there are some that are energy-consuming . At those times, all you want to do is to give up. When we are facing great challenges we think that life is unfair, but it isn’t. The truth is no matter how rich or poor you are, life will always come with challenges. The only difference is how we manage to solve the problems we have. Like the man in the song, who was going through something tough so he thinks his problems are bigger than he is. Yet, someone reminded him that God is bigger than his problems in life. All he has to do is not to overthink of this, get down on his knees and ask God to help him.

Therefore, when you think you cannot make it, remember that God sends His one and only son Jesus. And just like us, Jesus suffered, but he persevered and trusted God. Let us do the same thing because in the end, we will all be happy that we let God take control of everything.

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clay jacobs, gospel, tough as nails

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