October 29, 2018

Tori Kelly’s “Soul’s Anthem (It Is Well)” Is the Complete Surrender to Our Creator

Soul’s Anthem

You could tell from the first bar of the song that “Soul’s Anthem (It Is Well)” is going to be a journey. In Tori Kelly’s second album, she decides to take our hands and help us examine our faith and our relationship with God.

First off, I love choirs. There’s a special place in my heart for harmonies and melodies blending so seamlessly. I instantly fell in love with the choruses. But when Kelly sang the first verse, I could feel myself tearing up. The first few stanzas of the song echo the exact thoughts I’ve had these past few weeks.

Everybody has their own struggles. But “Soul’s Anthem (It Is Well),” details it more than just the struggle that the song (or to an extent, myself), shows and tells us that there is hope. There is hope in the Lord, and it’s not too late to turn back to Him.

It is Well

As The New Yorker’s Hua Hsu’s said:

“We judge a song to be good or bad because of our own systems of taste, but we kind a deeper comfort in something because of timing. Maybe it speaks to something that vexes us, or finds language where words previously seem futile.”

The mere fact that “Soul’s Anthem (It Is Well)” is stripped of everything but Kelly’s powerful voice, chorused with a wonderful choir makes it twice as unique. It makes you focus on the message that is being sung and the feelings it evokes.

Instantly, I felt the special connection with Kelly’s album “Hiding Place.” It offers just that. A sanctuary of sorts, free of judgment. It is where my thoughts and insecurities get to be voiced out by Kelly. But at the same time, the tracks offer you some sort of comfort and solace that you were not alone in this. In fact, you and I have the Lord right beside me. And in retrospect, that is something that we should never forget.

Share the experience with me by listening to the beautiful song:


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