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The Top 5 Best Songs of Willie Nelson, According to Critics


Willie Nelson is truly a one-of-a-kind artist of his time. The creative genius within him led him to continuously defy genres and musical classifications in his career. Since Nelson began recording songs in the 1950’s, he has dominated almost all themes of music that man could ever identify. Among the artists he has worked with include Snoop Dogg, Hank Snow, Ray Price, and Cole Porter.


The Top 5 Best Songs of Willie Nelson, According to Critics 1

As such, going through Nelson’s best songs and albums and deciding which stood among the rest was no walk in the park. It would take forever to decide on a list, so much concentration was given to Nelson’s solo singles. After days and weeks of grueling analysis, internalizing, and heated debates, below is the fruit of all the hard work put into appreciating Willie Nelson’s musical gift.

5. Forgiving You Was Easy

One of the signature details of Willie Nelson’s songs is the simplicity of the message behind it. Indeed, there is beauty in simplicity and purity. Forgiving You Was Easy did not have any major or out-of-this-world lyrics and production-wise, but it held as much emotion and intensity since Nelson just bore his heart out as he recorded it and left the listeners to be the judge.

4. On the Road Again

This song depicts the renowned singer’s love of being on the road. Just picture listening to a well-written and composed musical piece that tells of the hot appeal of being on the highway. It brews intense feelings of wanting to bust out of your shell and enjoy the rough outdoors, right?

3. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground


Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground is one of Willie Nelson’s greatest works. It is part of his film, Honeysuckle Rose. The classic heartbreak melody from the acclaimed singer has been covered and sang by various artists and aspiring country singers in numerous Nashville Broadways. The lyrics hit a bull’s eye on the listener’s hearts after all, thus making it an excellent choice for when singers wish to open up and convey their genuine side to their audience.

2. Always on My Mind

When Nelson did his own interpretation of this song, the track made its way into the Great American Songbook of the 1980’s. That’s pretty remarkable, considering that it was also recorded by Brenda Lee and was also made a minor hit by Elvis Presley. With Nelson casting his own musical spell on the song, it also earned Song of the Year award for the song’s writers.

1. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain


Believe it or not, it took over two decades before Willie Nelson snagged the top spot in the Billboard Country charts. Willie’s recording of the hit musical piece did not need an explicit rhyme or a very deep message behind it. The chorus itself is addicting and it is all because of the way Nelson breathed new life into the song.

There you have it—our top five Willie Nelson songs. Do you agree or disagree with our list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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