February 12

OUR KIND OF COUNTRY Top 10 Country Albums of All Time


“It does vary a bit from one Country to another due maybe to varying Currencies..”

When you think of Top Country Songs or Top Country Musicians and even Top Country Albums, what comes to mind? Is it how many Albums the Country Singer has sold? Or is it how much the Single of the Album had grossed? Or is it when an Album has achieved Gold or Platinum Status? Well, it is all of the above.

These days, albums that debut at the top of the country charts are lucky to see 50,000 copies sold that first week, and then sales dwindle from there.

It does vary a bit from one Country to another due maybe to varying Currencies. But here in the United States, for an Album to achieve Gold Status, it has to sell 500,000 units as with Singles. With Music Videos, it is at 50,000.

For an Album and/or Single to achieve Platinum Status, it has to sell at least 1,000,000 units and 100,000 for Music Videos.

And for Diamond Status, an Album and a Single needs to sell 10 Million units!


Since today is so great, I feel like doin’ y’all a countdown of

The Top 10 Country Albums of All Time.

Let’s go!

  1. The Chase by Garth Brooks
  2. Garth Brooks by Garth Brooks
  3. Sevens by Garth Brooks
  4. Fly by Dixie Chicks
  5. Double Live by Garth Brooks


  1. Wide Open Spaces by Dixie Chicks
  2. The Woman In Me by Shania Twain
  3. Ropin’ the Wind by Garth Brooks
  4. No Fences by Garth Brooks

And on Number 1…

Nope, sorry. It ain’t Garth FOR THE WIN but…

Come On Over by Shania Twain!

So why not let us play a Shania from the Number 1 Country Album, Come On Over.

I hope you kind folks enjoyed the Countdown and the Videos as much as we did presenting them to you.

May y’all be Safe and Well.

This is Our Kind Of Country and



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