September 26

Too Country? What’s that?

Just what on earth does “too country” suppose to mean? In this humorous and bit of sardonic piece, prolific songwriter Bill Anderson recounts what nudged him to write “Too Country” then sang it with Brad Paisley afterward.


 Well? We see that it is not just on radios that “too” country songs were refused airtime. Even artists who do crossovers to other genres would decline recording one. Probably because they want their songs to be versatile and not just be limited to the country demographics. That way, they could have more sales. Hey, I am not knocking them off. Everyone needs to make a living, somehow. I’m sure you folks would give them that same benefit of the doubt, right? It is pointless hating them for that, anyway. Furthermore, the future of Country music will surely not be bleak because of them. We still got a handful of tenured musicians and newcomers who are into exalting the banner of traditional country. They are the ones who need our close attention and support. Let us keep tabs on them, okay?

Is the message too real, too close to the bone?
Do the fiddle and steel remind you too much of home?
Is honest and true just not in demand?

Too country
Too country
Too country

I don’t understand
(lines from “Too Country”)

Of course, we all share those sentiments. (Again, credit to the lyricist.) Learning from Mr. Anderson though, let us emphasize more what we are for in terms of good country music, and less on what we are against at with today’s country mix-ups.

By the way, in case you have not run across it yet, here is the original recorded version.


– Grabbed the CMA Vocal Event of the Year in 2001.
– Recorded by country pros Brad Paisley, George Jones, Buck Owens, and understandably-Bill Anderson himself.


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