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“Don’t Go Home Tonight Unsaved” by The Wilburn Brothers

"Don't Go Home Tonight Unsaved" by The Wilburn Brothers 1

The Song

The song “Don’t Go Home Tonight Unsaved” was written by Garry D. Rector, John F. Gleen Jr., and Edward A. Fryberger. It was performed by the Wilburn Brothers in 1964.

“Don’t Go Home Tonight Unsaved” is a country gospel song that talks about the goodness of being saved by the Lord.  In the lyrics, it says that people who carry burden in their hearts, or those who sinned, to respond to God’s calling to be saved.

Upon my heart I have a burden for lost souls in sin today
Won’t you come while he is calling? Don’t go home tonight unsaved.”

The song also mentioned about the coming of the end, but we are just mere humans, incapable of knowing the future. Yet the best thing to do is let the Lord save you.  It also tells us of how Jesus sacrifices Himself to save us from our wickedness and wrongful path.

“The end of time is drawing near. Can’t you heart the Savior say?
Now’s the time and here’s the altar. Don’t go home tonight unsaved.
Have you ever once considered the price our savior had to pay
So that we might be delivered from our wicked sins today?”

This beautiful song is a reminder to us that God will always accept us no matter what we have done. That it is never too late to repent of our sinfulness. Always remember that it’s never too late to pray and ask for forgiveness to the Lord.

The singers

The Wilburn Brothers were country singers consisting of Virgil Doyle Wilburn and Thurman Theodore “Teddy” Wilburn. Both brothers began their singing career at very young age with other family members. They tour different places, from schools to churches, to perform. In 1940, the Wilburn family caught the attention of Roy Acuff. He was astonished by their performance, thus he invited the family to join the Grand Ole Opry. But due to their young age, their contract was terminated.

After serving in Korea, Doyle and Teddy still continued the band, while their two brothers retired and their sister got married. Since it was just the two of them left they decided to renamed the band, hence, The Wilburn Brothers.

“Sparkling Brown Eyes” was the Wilburn Brothers first hit song together with Pierce Webb. The song peaked at No. 4 in 1954 and stayed in the charts for 18 weeks.

They won Duet of the Year in the Music City News Awards in 1967. They were also nominated for Vocal Group of the Year by Country Music Association.

Some of their famous hits were: “Hurt Her Once For Me” in 1976, “Go Away With Me” in 1956, and “Troubles Back in Town” in 1962. The Wilburn Brothers also had their own syndicated TV series, entitled “The Wilburn Brothers Show.” The show ran from 1963 to 1974. Aside from their career as a successful country musician they had a music publishing company called the Sure-Fire Music. The publishing house was managed by their other two brothers who retired from their previous band, “The Wilburn Family.”

Listen to this song and be reminded to pray to the Lord and then be saved.


don't go home unsaved, Wilburn Brothers

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