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Tommy Brandt’s Testimony on How God & Music Changed His Life

Tommy Brandt’s Testimony on How God & Music Changed His Life 1
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The Bible says we were made for by God and for God. Everything we own come from Him and will be used by Him for the completion of His perfect purpose in our life. Tommy Brandt is a living example of a man, who chose to leave all the other glories offered by the secular world. He’d rather use his talent to please God than to gain Earthly pleasures that will soon end.

Tommy Brandt’s Testimony

His musical genesis

Brandt was exposed in clubs and bars since he was twelve years old. He spent his teen days accompanying his dad in different venues that include nightspots. He grew up with the musical influences of the country outlaws, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, and Waylon Jennings. Their rough and rowdy impact kept the teenage Tommy living on the edge most of the time.

The young man left home for Florida when he was sixteen. This is where he learned the cowboy life, and later on, joined a local country band as a sound engineer. His passion for music was ignited more, and he began to write songs, as he learned to play the guitar. The band soon gained notoriety and became popular among the locals.

One day, the lead singer decided to move to Nashville to pursue a music career. Brandt volunteered to fill in the lead vocals until they could find someone. To everybody’s surprise, he sang pretty well. His strong voice was loved by the crowd. The band then skyrocketed into one of Florida’s best-known country bands, with the name “New South.”

And things started to change

Tommy Brandt’s Testimony on How God & Music Changed His Life 2
Tommy Brandt and Family at the Inspirational Country Music Awards on October 18, 2012 / Getty Images

At the peak of the band’s career, Brandt met his future wife, Michelle. Their meet up started a major impact on Brandt’s life. The preacher’s daughter taught him a godly way of living. Hearing her sharing, he felt some sort of guidance and peace. He went to church with her, attended Bible studies, and began to pull away from the bar and club scene. He eventually pursued new direction, and left his band, as he didn’t want to hold them back from pursuing other opportunities in the clubs.

Tommy and Michelle got married in 1988. Still using the country sound that he grew up on, Tommy started a career dedicated to the glory of God. He wrote songs that are filled with inspirations and message of faith. His venues changed from clubs and bars to churches, fairs, and outreach concerts.

Recognized as one of the most inspirational country singers, Tommy has been sharing the stage with country artists such as Miranda Lambert, Daryl Worley, Keith Urban, Roy Clark, and others. Up to this time, he won a total of 29 major Christian music awards. Also, he plotted 14 number ones songs on the Inspirational Country Music charts. Invitations from the some of the largest stages and churches around the country continue to knock on his door. But above all his recognition and achievements, he stays humble and performs at heart, all for the glory of God.

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