December 1

Tommy Brandt and His Gospel Songs


Broken but Thankful

Another inspiring testimonial song, “Broken” will transport you back to those times you felt broken before the Lord.

The song was arranged from the singer’s BC (Before Christ) days to his mama praying on his behalf, and him finally coming to his senses. Realizing he needed a Savior, he sang in the chorus how he prayed and pleaded for God to save him and was heard. Given a new start and a clean slate, the singer can look back and be thankful that finally, life’s circumstances broke him. He then makes an invitation to those facing the same dark moments to turn to Jesus like he did with an assurance that they, too, will be heard.

Singing from his own conversion experience, Tommy’s delivery is one that communicates honesty and sincerity. From bars and clubs, God redeemed his life and his voice for greater use. That is in the spread of the good news through outreach concerts and the honoring of his name through his choice of penning and singing songs about faith and Jesus.

“Broken” by Tommy Brandt

No Turning Back. Just Moving Forward  

Now a changed man, Tommy celebrates his new life in Christ. He admits that in choosing Jesus, he is now walking a straight and narrow path. He is no longer that ‘wild stallion’ he sang in his ‘Broken’ song. There were things that he was free to do before, but now he won’t. Did he have any regrets? On the contrary, he sings that he is ‘brand new man with a whole new plan.’ He further states how he was a fool before and in coming to Jesus, he is now his man. He describes Jesus as his rock, his friend, and he is never turning back.

Our take away? Once we become Christians, there can be no turning back because we have nowhere to go except Jesus.

“No Turning Back” by Tommy Brandt


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