October 15

Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams Singing “Cold, Cold Heart”

For those of you who do not know it yet, Johnny Cash is not the only artist who had his own biopic in a movie. In 2015, Sony Pictures Classic tapped Loki of the Avengers to play and chronicle the life of the country music legend, Hank Williams. Many people would argue that Tom Hiddleston was nowhere near the genius of Hank Williams and that applies to Hiddleston’s singing and effort to mimic the highly acclaimed country singer. Others would say that Tom Hiddleston is the closest that people can get to portraying Williams. While there are many arguments, one of the things that caught my eyes about the whole film was Hiddleston’s memento of Hank Williams’ Cold, Cold Heart which plays on the opening of the film.

Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams, Cold, Cold Heart

In his interview with Esquire, Tom Hiddleston fondly explained how he got to know and play Hank Williams and his music:

“I found there were so many facets of him. A way into him, of course, is through the music. Rodney [Crowell]’s instruction to me initially was to connect and invest myself inside the lyrics of his songs, so that I could discover and interpret the songs for myself. When I sing, “I’m So Lonely I Could Cry,” how do I feel about that? Which was sort of an interpretive challenge and a duty before trying to understand how Hank felt about it. The only way to transmit the power of those songs is to commit to the meaning and feeling of those songs as authentically as he felt them. Then, aside from that work, I listened to The Lost Concerts and his radio shows. There’s so much surviving audio material.

I discovered an incredibly charismatic, incredibly witty, and quick, good-humored and playful person, somebody who had the gift of the gab, who seemed to clearly be huge fun to be around. But also I had to try to square that off with the man who said that the sunset was the most lonesome time of the day, which is the expression of someone deeply sad. I find the sunset to be the most relaxing and enjoyable time of the day. To say that, to be so successful and so famous and charismatic, I thought it was interesting that he said that”

The interview also revealed that Tom Hiddleston was more familiar of Cold, Cold Heart than the rest of Hank Williams’ music catalog. Critics were a bit down on this performance of Tom Hiddleston but fans would say that Tom Hiddleston’s version was true-blue gold.

Watch the opening sequence of the film below:


hank williams, Tom Hiddleston

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