July 10

Toby Keith’s Daughter, Krystal and Family, Almost Killed by a Drunk Driver

Last Friday, Krystal Keith (Toby Keith’s daughter) and her family revealed on Instagram that they were almost killed by a drunk driver.

She captioned, “Our 4th turned pretty horrific. Hensley, Drew and I were on the way to watch fireworks on the 4th. A drunk driver almost took the lives of my entire family. We all survived the wreck but it’s gonna take some time to heal. Keep us in your prayers. Hug your babies and spouses tight. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Krystal Keith is the 31-year old daughter of Toby Keith was with her husband Andrew Sandubrae and their one-year old daughter Hensley.

Their Mercedes-Benz SUV and its hood was smashed up to the front window. The car was really damaged and the air bags were set off. The back of the car was damaged as well.

Krystal has one solo album. She had a duet with her father on his 2004 single “Mockingbird” on a cover of Inez and Charlie Foxx. She and her family live in Oklahoma, her father’s home state.

She graduated from University of Oklahoma and was signed to Show Dog-Universal Music. In 2013, she released a four-day extended play which included “Daddy Dance With Me.” She performed this song first at her wedding.


Her first album Whiskey & Lace was released after “Daddy Dance With Me” became a hit. Toby Keith was hands-on in the album specially with the songs ‘Can’t Buy You Money’ and especially ‘What Did You Think I’d Do.

A little trivia: When Krystal was younger, she bragged about her very famous music teacher. “I always used to say Shania (Twain) taught me how to sing because she was on tour with my dad and we would sit on the bus and I would sing and she would tell me ‘That’s a little … this pitch, this is how you do this,’” she dishes. “We wouldn’t have a 30 minute or one hour session, but I would be just singing songs and she would just give me tips.”

Anyway, we’re all glad that she and her family are fine. Our prayers go out for you and folks, again, Please Don’t Drink and Drive!


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