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Get To Know Interesting Facts About Toby Keith’s wife, Tricia Lucus


Toby Keith’s wife, Tricia Lucus, represents the strong woman a man needs in his life. He might be the one performing on stage, but Toby couldn’t deny the big contribution of his lovely wife.

Lucus was born in 1962 in the United States. The pure American woman is a role model in modern times. She may have kept a low profile all these years, but fans know she shares her husband’s success. You can get to know her more on this run-down of facts about Toby Keith’s wife.

The couple met at a club.

Whoever retells their love story will tell you that the country music star made the first move. It was in 1981 at an Oklahoma nightclub that the two first met. Toby Keith was 20 years old while she was 19. They dated for three years then tied the knot on March 24, 1984. None of them worked at the bar. She worked as an oil-company secretary. During their first meeting, she complimented her husband as being larger-than-life. 

Keith adopted Lucus’ daughter.

Tricia Lucus had another relationship before she ended up with Keith. They had a daughter who was Shelley Covel Rowland. Keith, being a great dad, adopted Shelley before adding more kids to their family. After Shelley, two more children were born, Krystal Keith and Stelen Keith Covel. Furthermore, she is now also a grandma to the three kids (one son and two daughters) from Shelley.

She stands up from her husband’s unbelievers.

Their marriage wasn’t an easy journey. The couple was struggling when the three kids were young. Keith was working for the oil fields for only $50,000 a year and pursuing music too. When the oil industry had a decline, the future country star took a leap of faith for his passion for music. This is where Lucus heard a lot of nasty comments. Keith was the one who spilled in an interview that Lucus shutdown those people, and she supported him.

The American country singer-songwriter shot to fame in 1993. It’s for his breakout single, ‘Should’ve Been a Cowboy.’ 

She has a golden heart.

Toby Keith’s wife is big on charities. “OK Kids Korral” is their biggest philanthropy yet. It’s a second home facility for families whose kids are receiving cancer treatment. Lucus is a passionate woman who will not only do everything for her family but also for those in need. It’s no wonder how the generous couple received the ASTEC Door-Opener Award in 2014.

The entrepreneurial mind runs in their family.

They are a business-savvy family. Together with daughters Shelley and Krystal, Tricia Lucus is working on her own firm. It’s called SwingDish. They wanted to pay attention to high-quality golf clothing fit for women. It’s a fashion line full of designs for golf, like shorts, skirts, and shirts.

Learning about the past and present of Toby Keith’s wife is an eye-opener. It goes to show that finding the right partner is the key to pursue your dreams.


Toby Keith, Tricia Lucus

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