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Toby Keith Has A Question: “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Toby Keith Has A Question: "Who's Your Daddy?" 1
“Who’s Your Daddy?” album cover |Photo Credits: Wikipedia

A place to lay your pretty little
Head down once in a while
You run on a little tough luck baby
Don’t you sweat it
Everything is waiting inside for you
You know I got it, come and get it

Who’s your daddy, who’s your baby?
Who’s your buddy, who’s your friend?

And who’s the one guy that you come runnin’ to
When your love life starts tumblin’?
I got the money if you got the honey
Let’s cut a deal let’s make a plan

About the Song

Released in 2002, “Who’s Your Daddy?” was penned and originally sang by American country music artist and Oklahoman native Toby Keith. The song was the second single from Keith’s 2002 album, Unleashed. Longtime friend and American musician and record producer James Stroud co-produced this with Keith himself. This three-minute song was exactly released on August 19, 2002, by the DreamWorks Label.

Right after its release in August 2002, “Who’s Your Daddy?” first entered the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) chart at no. 60. After its debut on the chart, it went on and peaked at no. 1 the said Billboard chart. In addition, it also penetrated the Billboard Hot 100 placing no. 22 in ranking.

Moreover, the song also entered the Billboard Country Songs year-end charts both in 2002 and 2003 reaching no. 54 and no. 41, respectively.

Song Relevance

Toby Keith Has A Question: "Who's Your Daddy?" 2
Toby Keith PR photo, ca. 2015 (from 2012 photo shoot)
cr. Richard McLaren/Shock Ink

Toby Keith revealed that he had long wanted to write “Who’s Your Daddy?” for quite some years; however, he could not find the right melody the way he wanted it to be. While he was at his home in 2001, he discovered the perfect melody and by chance, came up with the right fit for the song. He later explained that the song narrates a young woman and a sugar daddy who can’t get their love life into place. (Wikipedia)

In one of his interviews, Keith expressed his enthusiasm of the song as well as its warm reception:

“It’s everything that I ever wanted to put into a song, it’s got the groove, it’s got the attitude, it’s humorous, it’s about a sugar daddy. And it’s got a real funny little Elvis thing in it, like ‘Viva Las Vegas’… it’s got a New Orleans piano in it. You should have seen the band light up when we cut that, they didn’t want to quit that groove, it was just an unbelievable groove.”

On the other hand, James Stroud who is Keith’s friend and producer agreed and confirmed the band’s enthusiasm. He stated:

“That song was about 10 minutes long, we let the tape run. Of course the cut on the album is not (that long), but they just played it and played it and had a great time.”

Watch Toby Keith’s music video of his 2002 hit “Who’s Your Daddy” below:

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Toby Keith, Who's Your Daddy?

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