November 29

“Love Me If You Can:” Toby Keith Stands For What He Believes

Standing up for the things you believe is sometimes difficult to do. Usually, when we are being criticized by others, we fall off from our beliefs. However, only a few who knows how to stand by the decisions they made. This includes the country singer, Toby Keith.

Toby Keith’s Criticized Song

In 2002, Keith released a single known as “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American).” This song was written by Keith. He was inspired to write the song after his father’s died in March 2001 and the 9/11 attack. His single received some criticisms. However, it was able to reach number one on the Billboard chart.

“Love Me If You Can”

After five years, Keith released his song “Love Me If You Can.” This single was written by Craig Wiseman and Chris Wallin in 2007. Toby decided to record the song because he wanted people to know his side after the criticisms he received from his song “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American).”

Toby Keith Love Me if You Can
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The Song’s Content

Becoming true to yourself and to what you believe is what “Love Me If You Can” is all about. The narrator in the song thinks he has the right to share his belief and what he felt about certain things. He doesn’t care if people think he is right or wrong instead, he will stand his ground.

“I’m a man of my convictions

Call me wrong, call me right

But I bring my better angels to every fight

You may not like where I’m going

But you sure know where I stand

Hate me if you want to

Love me if you can.”

Toby earned his sixteenth number one song on the chart with “Love Me If You Can.” In addition, the song reached number forty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Love Me If You Can” is one of the tracks in Keith’s eleventh studio album Big Dog Daddy.


Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (The Angry American), Love Me If You Can, Toby Keith

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