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“Dream Walkin'” by Toby Keith: The Album and the Single

"Dream Walkin'" by Toby Keith: The Album and the Single 1
Dream Walkin’ album cover | Photo Credits:

The Album

Produced by James Stroud and Toby Keith, Dream Walkin’ is the fourth studio album of Toby Keith himself. Released on June 24, 1997, it was Keith’s last studio album for Mercury Records. He later signed with Dreamworks Records. In total, there are 11 tracks included in the album. The tracks, namely, “We Were in Love,” “I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying,” “Dream Walkin’,” and “Double Wide Paradise” were all released as singles. Most notably, these have performed significantly well on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. However, none of the tracks reached number one. Hence, this is the first studio album of Keith not to have produced a No. 1 hit.

Nevertheless, the album, in general, still made an impact and RIAA certified it Gold selling 500,000 copies.

Originally, the tenth track, “I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying,” was recorded by British rock artist Sting in 1997. It was one of the singles on his album Mercury Falling. Keith, on the other hand, recorded the song as a duet with Sting. This is the only entry of Sting to have penetrated the country charts.

In order, here is the complete list of tracks found in the album:

  1. “We Were in Love” (Written by Chuck Cannon, Allen Shamblin)
  2. “Dream Walkin'” (Written by Toby Keith, Cannon)
  3. “You Don’t Anymore” (Written by Keith, Eric Silver)
  4. “Jacky Don Tucker (Play by the Rules Miss All the Fun)” (Written by Keith, Cannon)
  5. “Tired” (Written by Keith, Cannon)
  6. “Double Wide Paradise” (Written by Paul Thorn, Billy Maddox)
  7. “Yet” (Written by Keith, Cannon)
  8. “She Ran Away with a Rodeo Clown” (Written by Keith)
  9. “Strangers Again” (Written by Keith)
  10. “I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying” (Written by Sting)  A Duet with Sting
  11. “I Don’t Understand My Girlfriend” (Written by Keith, Jim Femino)

Do you have a copy of the album? Share your thoughts in the comment section and tell us what you think about it. Does it deserve not to have a number one hit?

The Single

Co-penned by Toby Keith with songwriter Chuck Cannon, the track “Dream Walkin’” was performed by Keith and released on January 26, 1998. Produced by Keith and James Stroud, it is the second and title track of the album of the same name.

"Dream Walkin'" by Toby Keith: The Album and the Single 2
Toby Keith | Photo Credits:

Dream Walkin’” is about a man who has a one-night stand with a woman. Ever since she left the next day, he’s been having dreams about her and keeps thinking that one day she’ll be back.

Further, “Dream Walkin’” first entered the Billboard Hot Country Singles on January 31, 1998, charting at no. 75. It soon peaked at no. 5. Meanwhile, it also reached the 3rd spot on the RPM Country Tracks in Canada in the same year.

Billboard magazine correspondent Deborah Evans Price reviewed the song and gave a favorable response. She praised Keith’s vocals and went on to describe the song:

“[The song] boasts a strong melody boasted by tasty guitar lick.”

Also, she added that the lyrics are “very visual,” while Keith “delivers a winning performance with his full-throated country baritone exploring every lyrical nuance.”

Watch Toby Keith’s music video of “Dream Walkin'” below:

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Dream Walkin', Toby Keith

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