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His Music, His Voice: Toby Keith’s Ten Greatest Hits (Part II)

Were you anticipating the part two of the birthday tribute of the “Big Dog Daddy” Toby Keith? Well, the long wait is over! Here is the second and final part of the celebration. In case you missed the first part, you may refer to this: “His Music, His Voice: Toby Keith’s Ten Greatest Hits (Part I)“.

His Music, His Voice: Toby Keith's Ten Greatest Hits (Part II) 1
Happy Birthday Toby Keith |Photo Credits: KOCO.com

Again, in no particular order, here are the sixth through tenth greatest hits of the “Big Dog Daddy“:

6. “I Love This Bar

This is one of Keith’s no. 1 hits that stayed in the charts for five weeks. Also, it is one of his most successful and interestingly, it inspired him to build his own chain of restaurants and named it after it. “I Love This Bar” restaurant is found in three different areas in the state of Oklahoma, his home state.

7. “He Ain’t Worth Missing”

This is one of the songs Keith has released that appears on his self-titled debut album in 1993. His record studio before, Mercury, saw that this Oklahoma native proved that came prepared and was definitely ready to take on the country music industry. Keith set the bar high and earlier, had found a way to tell a story in a song that nobody like him does. And, this song is a great example.

8. “Wish I Didn’t Know Now”

A song from his debut album, this tells a story of a man who admits having suspicions about his cheating wife. He soon realizes and wishes he didn’t know now what he didn’t know back then. As impressive as it is, the play of words in the song was accurately genius especially for a newcomer in the industry. Indeed, Keith gave a new taste for country music fans.

9. “Upstairs Downtown”

Keith definitely channeled his inner poet in this song. He expressed an understated eloquence on this song. It is about a woman traversing her own path for the first time. It is lyrically figurative full of meaning and message. Country music is known for its story-telling content that is why writing lyrics of a song with relevance is an important ingredient to success. Toby Keith is certainly a herald to this.

10. “Red Solo Cup

Considered by Keith himself as “a stupid song but freakin’ awesome“, this song was not written by him. This is actually a tribute to the Solo Cup Company’s most popular style of cups. Interestingly, it earned Keith his biggest-selling hit ever that sold over 2 million sales worldwide. After almost 20 years on the chart, Keith found himself with his most weird and unusual hit in 2011. And as he said, it is the right time “To Have A Party“!

Thank you for tuning in this two-part birthday tribute article for the great Toby Keith! Keep on tuning into Country Thang Daily for more updates of your loved country music singers and songs.

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