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“Old Time Feeling” by the Lovely Couple Johnny and June Cash

“Old Time Feeling” by the Lovely Couple Johnny and June Cash 1

There are times in our life when we give up on everything. Whether it be our dreams and hopes or loving again. When we get tired sometimes we don’t want to get up. We just want to stay there for a while and feel the pain until it goes away. However, not everything lasts forever, even sadness. So when you feel like there’s no more hope when it comes to many things, and here I’ll be talking about love, then think again. There will always be hope even in the darkest of time.

Duet by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash have a lot of songs that they sang together. It made us love them more and love the song too. Since it’s the two who were singing. The song was covered by various artists, however, the version of Johnny Cash and his Lovely wife June Carter Cash made it to No. 26 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs, in 1977. Furthermore, it was originally written by Tom Jan and Will Jennings in 1974.

Old Time Feeling Content

“Old Time Feeling” is a song that will tell you that there is hope in everything. Like that of the narrator, he felt love and he lost it. As mentioned in the first stanza of the song, he thought that he’ll never feel love the same way again. After being hurt and left alone by the love of his life he thought that love is worthless.

We do feel that way sometimes when the person we love the most walks out of our life. Especially if you thought that that person was the one for you. However, life has a funny way. It usually makes us think that it is the end, you go out with other people and finally ending up with them. After all with that one person, you always loved. Just like the narrator in the song, he falls in love again with his past lover, and as they reunite together, all the bad memories and past has gone away. But the feeling they used to have together is always there, and it never changed.



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