February 28

All-Time Favorite Johnny Cash Songs As We Remember His Birthday

Who would not love Johnny Cash? He’s definitely one of our favorite artists of all time. His music has been in our lives ever since. It always feels like he came together with country music. His passage on earth spoke too much of both struggles and victories. Because of this, we consider Johnny Cash as a country soundtrack to our souls.

Let’s look back on five of our most-loved Johnny Cash songs.

All-Time Favorite Johnny Cash Songs As We Remember His Birthday 1

Man In Black Johnny Cash

A three-minute song that still gives us the chills. A protest song to the real evils of the world. We can feel his true compassion and genuine love in this song. He understands the world as we see it and goes with our pain. Not to mention Cash as known as ‘The Man in Black’, but that’s because of his unique style of on-stage dressing.

Folsom Prison Blues

It was one of Cash’s signature songs. We love the way the song is designed. It’s both a train song and the prison song which Cash continued to use for the rest of his career. Like the best relaters, Cash gets into the lives of people and expresses their tale with mature understanding.

The Man Comes Around

His faith was one of the things that made Cash a great artist. Despite all his confessed wrongdoings, he was honest about his relationship with God. The best thing was, he shared that belief and those struggles with us in a song. Although vague and unfriendly, it is still ecstatic. It’s about life and death and light in the dark. Additional trivia: this was one of the last songs Cash wrote before he died.

Drive On

This song came from the first of Cash’s American Recording albums. Also, it marked the beginning of his partnership with producer, Rick Rubin. An entire album of pure magic, obviously. It was just Johnny and a guitar, away from business oversight and Nashville pressure. Among the great covers and originals in the album, ‘Drive On’ is certainly our favorite. It tells the story of a Vietnam Vet, captivating the listener inside his head to experience his reality.

One Piece At A Time

Of course, Johnny has a fun side, too. It wasn’t all demise and cruelty to him.  Take for example this song, which tells the story of a guy that wants to save a little money on a new car.


Did I just say five? Apologies. Allow me to toss one more.

Ain’t No Grave

This is the title track from his 2010 posthumous album.

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