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A Selfless Picture of Love in Tim McGraw’s “Just To See You Smile”

Tim McGraw

Without a doubt, love doesn’t cost a thing. There is nothing in the world could devour a genuine feeling of love. Once real love has prospered and has felt, it’s when it becomes a selfless picture of love. It is exactly what Tim McGraw drew in his acknowledged song “Just To See You Smile.”

Tim McGraw’s songs, certainly, have profound implications. It merely portrays a real-life story that perhaps everyone can relate to. The words and lyrics are realistic which are intertwined with heart-melting melodies. Seemingly, those are adequate spices for a listener to be pierced.

Just To See You Smile…

The words and lyrics of “Just To See You Smile” are the fruits of Mark Nesler and Tony Martin’s creative minds. Their imagination of a convincing representation of love has put to life.  Thanks to these writers, we have a song that we can ponder on and realize things about love.

Furthermore, the song was released in August 1997 as part of McGraw’s album “Everywhere.” Believe it or not, the song has set records, it became the longest-running single on the Billboard country chart. Since its release, “Just To See You Smile” remained at number one for six weeks from January to February in 1998. Also, it has the longest chart run for any country single in the 1990’s. Also, the song was McGraw’s second single to be the number one country single of the year certified by the Billboard.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw considers Keith Whitley as his hero. Due to Whitley’s death, McGraw decided to drop out of college and went to Nashville to pursue his country music career.

Then, McGraw gave a copy of his demo tape to his father Tug McGraw who was the beginning his musical career. Curb then signed him a recording contract. On March 29, 1991, McGraw released his very first single “What Room Was The Holiday In.” Unfortunately, the song didn’t penetrate the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Furthermore, McGraw released three more singles such as “Welcome to the Club,” “Memory Lane,” and “Two-Steppin’ Mind.” All of the songs didn’t make it to Top 40, and even the album didn’t top the chart.

Tim McGraw

Not A Moment Too Soon…

Not until he released his album “Not A Moment Too Soon,” that his fame began. The album and the singles have skyrocketed and topped the country charts. After the release of the said album, the rest was history. McGraw then became one of the most successful male country artists of his generation. Also, he received multiple awards from credible award-giving bodies such as Country Music Association, Academy of Country Music, and the Grammys.

Tim McGraw

We all know that Tim McGraw is one of the most soulful country artists of this generation. Also, he is considered one of the best male country artists in the industry.

Furthermore, Tim McGraw’s voice can reach country music enthusiasts from the young to the elderly. He can touch us through his choice of music. Moreover, the themes of his songs can reach out to everyone from heartbreak, to family, to friendship, to life, and to experiences.

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