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Tim McGraw’s “Please Remember Me”: Persistent Affection

Tim McGraw’s “Please Remember Me”: Persistent Affection 1

“Please Remember Me” can be understood as a persistent affection between two friends that parted or lovers that didn’t flourish. Perhaps a separation of two individuals. If this is the case, then this is a sad song dedicated to all the people out there with such experiences. Nevertheless, the people who flipped the pages of our lives continuously live within us.

It is because these people have been part of us, have been affected our emotions and comportments. With this, they will live in our memories for eternity. Some may be just a memory of the past or the past we are longing to be part of our future. However, we were pierced by their existence.

To understand further, kindly lend your ears to one of the best ballads ever created, with the voice of one of the finest country artists Tim McGraw. Also, you might want to read and understand the lyrics for the totality of the meaning.

The Lyrics…

All our tears have reached the sea

Part of you will live in me

Way down deep inside my heart

The days keep coming without fail

New wind is gonna find your sail

That’s where your journey starts

Just like the waves down by the shore

We’re gonna keep on comin’ back for more

‘Cause we don’t ever want to stop

Out in this brave new world you’ll see

Ov’r the valleys and the peaks

And I can see you on the top

Remember me when you’re out walking

When snow falls high outside your door

Late at night when you’re not sleeping

And moonlight falls across your floor

I can’t hurt you anymore

You’ll find better love

Strong as it ever was

Deep as the river runs

Warm as the morning sun

Please remember me

The Song…

“Please Remember Me” was written by American country music artists Rodney Crowell and Will Jennings. Moreover, the song was initially voiced by Rodney Crowell in 1995. Other notable covers are from the voices of Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt. Also, there are renditions as a competition piece of such Scotty McCreery and many more.

The most successful rendition was of Tim McGraw’s. McGraw placed his interpretation to No.1 on the country charts specifically on Billboard Hot Country Songs dated back in 1999.

Furthermore, there were a bunch of positive criticisms for McGraw’s rendition of the song. Many said it was beautifully voiced by McGraw, full and powerful emotion he outpoured. Also, “Please Remember Me” brought out the maturity of McGraw’s voice that perfectly matched the song.

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