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Tim McGraw and His Version of the Hit “Please Remember Me”

Separation may define a lot of things. Sometimes, it refers to a new beginning. But most of the time, it refers to a permanent goodbye. Most of us don’t want to feel this unwanted emotion. Anyhow, there are instances that we really need to be separated from the people we love. This teaches us how to grow as a person. Even though this thought has a lot of negative vibes, we need to take it in a positive way. So, for you to know what I mean, go ahead and listen to Tim McGraw version of the hit “Please Remember Me” and share your thoughts.

Tim McGraw: The Best Selling Artist

He started his career in 1990 and he became successful ever since. Tim McGraw is one of the sought after singers of his generation. Moreover, a lot of people loved him because he always puts his heart through his music. Upon his breakthrough, McGraw was able to release hit after hit. And due to his success, he received a lot of awards. He won three Grammys, fourteen ACM, eleven CMA, ten AMA, and three People’s Choice Awards. It seems that he is a good role model for the rising generation of singers as well.

Tim McGraw, please remember me
Photo Credits: Tim McGraw Official Facebook Home Page

His most notable songs are “It’s Your Love,” “Just To See You Smile,” and “Live Like You Were Dying.”

Tim McGraw, please remember me
Photo Credits: Tim McGraw Official Facebook Home Page

A Plea from a Previous Lover

“Please Remember Me” was one of the saddest songs of all time. Moreover, it was first recorded in 1995 by Crowell for his album Jewel of the South. Then it was re-recorded by Tim McGraw 1999. Upon the song’s release, critics praised McGraw for his vocal ability and a lovely ballad version of the song.

Enjoy the video here:


tim mcgraw

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