War and chaos is one of the world’s oldest vices. Thus, the only solution we have to end this is to send soldiers to bring peace and order back. Also, there have been many wars in this world. There’s always fighting and misunderstanding causing the division of opinions. But if there will be understanding, soldiers will not have to sacrifice their lives. That’s what Tim McGraw wants us to realize on his hit “If You’re Reading This.”

“It’s Your Love” Superstar

He is considered as one of country music’s finest singers and a boy next door due to his charisma and good looks. Well, this man won 3 Grammy Awards, 14 ACM, 11 CMA, and 10 AMA Awards. Wow! That’s what I call a home run. Anyhow, he was best known for his hit “It’s your Love.” Any wild guess? Of course, I’m talking about Tim McGraw.

Due to his influence and contribution to the Country Music Industry, Tim McGraw was included in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Moreover, McGraw was able to sell more than 75 million records worldwide. Considering this, he was tagged as one of the best-selling music artists of all time. I bet a lot of aspiring artists want to be like him.

Are You Going to Let go?

This was one of the best songs that I personally recommend if we are honoring our heroes. Whereas, this hit was released in 2007 and it landed at no. 35 on its first week and sending at no. 3 in November of the same year. Tim McGraw should be given a credit for honoring our soldiers who are risking their lives to protect others.

“If You’re Reading This” passed the critics’ standards due to its patriotic message. Consequently, the hit was created to pay tribute to the families of the fallen heroes due to the fact that they will not see their loved ones anymore. I hope that Tim McGraw will continue to create such inspiring masterpiece.