November 14, 2018

Tim McGraw Releases an Exciting Music Video for “Neon Church”

Tim McGraw proves his reputation anew as one of country music’s superstars with his latest single’s exceptional music video. Entitled “Neon Church,” the new song serves as the lead single from the singer’s upcoming album. Apart from being a new release, the song seems to be something entirely different from McGraw’s previous records. This became apparently true based from the superstar’s exhilarating words about it. As soon as the single was out, everyone agrees that it was indeed a unique record. It’s something entirely different from McGraw’s other tracks. The song was penned by Ben Goldsmith, Ross Ellis Lipsey, and Ben Stennis.

Tim McGraw Releases an Exciting Music Video for "Neon Church" 1
Photo credit: Tim McGraw’s official website

Tim McGraw’s Unique Song, “Neon Church”

It’s true that the theme to the song “Neon Church” isn’t one that’s unique. It’s just one of the countless tunes talking about faith and alcohol. However, its sound is undoubtedly a huge factor that sets the song apart.

Interestingly, the sounds of the organs gave the song a grand introduction. As the track progresses, those sounds would slowly fade away. Throughout the song, a fascinating play on the volume is likewise observable. Some parts of the song bear a significantly soft volume while others are blasting with sound. That alone makes the tune a unique record.

Adding to the song’s uniqueness are the unparalleled lyric and music videos. McGraw even enlisted the help of light painter Patrick Rochon to come up with the best result and Rochon did not fail the “I Like It, I Love It” singer. Their joint efforts paid off, and their output was just breathtaking. As seen in the lyric video below, all the lyrics to the song were painted with light against the dark background. McGraw describes this approach as light painting. Lights were used as a paint while darkness served as the canvass.

But wait, there’s more! The debut the official music video for “Neon Church” makes the single a holistically distinctive song. In the music video, McGraw’s appearance was more visible compared to the lyric video. The singer’s role isn’t the main focus of the clip though. It rather centers on four main characters, namely a drifter, a storekeeper, a sheriff, and a preacher.  Each of them battles their struggles as they seek for salvation. During their search, all four ended up in a bar. The place was what’s referred to as the “Neon Church” in the song. The titular bar served as the characters’ meeting place and eventually becoming their home.

Watch and pay attention to this exciting music video for Tim McGraw’s “Neon Church.”


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