June 4

“Grown Men Don’t Cry,” They Just Hold Back Their Tears

Tim McGraw

The stereotype is that if a man cries, he’s soft and not tough enough to handle obstacles in life. In other words, that man is considered foolish. But they’re not, yes, men do cry. They just don’t like to show it in front of people. Men just conceal the tears behind the hardships or joyfulness they feel. Tim McGraw will let you realize why grown men don’t cry through his single “Grown Men Don’t Cry.”

I don’t know precisely why they say grown men don’t cry. Before, crying, especially for men, is a sign of weakness. Perhaps, because a long time ago, men are expected to be strong and resilient of whatever the world will throw upon them. Men are expected to stand their ground no matter what happens without complaints and of course men are not likely to shed tears in spite of the difficulties. Above all, because men are dominant.

Things aren’t the way they used to be, men cry, but they just hold back their tears. Come on, people hurt and so do they. They have hearts and souls. Men cry because they’re in pain. Crying is one of the best cures to relieve the heavy load within them. But, here’s the thing, when a man cries it only means he is genuinely hurt or he feels ultimate happiness.

This is, undoubtedly, one of Tim McGraw’s best songs recorded. He truly outpoured his emotion. Perhaps, it relatable to his life story.

Grown Men Don’t Cry…

Tom Douglas and Steve Seskin are the songwriters behind the words and lyrics of “Grown Men Don’t Cry.” The song was performed, and record by Tim McGraw and was part of the album “Set This Circus Down.” The song became a No.1 single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on June 16, 2001.

Furthermore, “Grown Men Don’t Cry” was inspired by a mother and her son having a hard time dealing with their lives. Douglas went to a grocery store; there he saw a woman in a payphone with mascara tears running down her cheeks. The woman was with his little boy knitting in and out of her legs while attending to the phone. After shopping, Douglas went home; he passed by a car, where he saw the woman and her child. At the backseat of their car, he saw newspapers and Chef Boyardee cans. That was when his emotion poured so he started writing the song with Seskin.

Also, another part of the song was a combination of Douglas and Seskin’s life stories.

The Lyrics…

The words and lyrics were carefully chosen patched with a heart-melting melody. It has been said that the song especially the lyrics was well crafted. With this, read the words for it will pierce your hearts and souls.

I pulled into the shopping center

And saw a little boy wrapped around the legs of his mother

Like ice cream melting, they embraced

Years of bad decisions running down her face

All morning I’d been thinking my life’s so hard

And they wore everything they owned, living in a car

I wanted to tell them it would be ok

But I just got in my Suburban, and I, I drove away

I don’t know why they say grown men don’t cry

Keep having this dream about my old man

I’m ten years old and he’s holding my hand

We’re talking on the front porch watching the sun go down

But it was just a dream, he was a slave to his job and he couldn’t be around

So many things I want to say to him

Just placed a rose on his grave and I talked to the wind

I don’t know why they say grown men don’t cry

I’m sitting here with my kids and my wife and everything that I hold dear in my life

We say Grace and thank the Lord, got so much to be thankful for

Then its up the stairs and off to bed

And my little girl says “I haven’t had my story yet”

Everything weighing on my mind disappears, just like that

When she lifts her head off her pillow and says, “I love you dad”

I don’t know why they say grown men don’t cry

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