November 16

Tim Hughes’ “Here I Am to Worship” and The Inspiration Behind It

No one can sacrifice their life like what Jesus did. Jesus came down from heaven, walked the earth and did all He can to serve us. It doesn’t matter that Jesus was criticized, humiliated, and judged by many. Jesus came here on earth to fulfill His duty. If Jesus did not sacrifice His life, our sins would never be forgiven.

The Making of the Song

Tim Hughes Here I Am to Worship
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Jesus’ coming here on earth and saving us from our sins was Tim Hughes’ inspiration behind his song “Here I Am to Worship.” Hughes gospel ballad was written after he read the book of Philippians 2. He wrote the song quickly and added the melody using his guitar. That would have been the end of it, but Hughes was not satisfied with the song’s chorus.

For this reason, he kept on changing the chorus of his song until he ended up not finishing it. After six months of rest from writing the song, Hughes gave it another try to finish the tune. He did finish writing it, but still, he was not happy. Then, he played it in his church, and he was convinced that the song he wrote is finally complete.

“Here I Am to Worship”

In 1999, Hughes wrote and released it as a single on his album Here I Am to Worship. In addition, his song won the 2004 Dove Awards for Worship Song of the Year. The words behind the song reveal a beautiful and inspiring meaning about the kindness and humility of Jesus. Aside from all of Jesus’ good qualities portrayed in the song, it’s also a reminder that all of Jesus’ goodness should be praised.

Different Covers

Tim Hughes single was covered by various artists coming from different genres, some of them were Hillsong, Terry MacAlmon, Lenny LeBlanc, and Randy Travis. Randy included his version on his seventeenth studio album Glory Train: Songs of Faith, Worship, and Praise.


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