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Still Head over Heels: Tim and Faith’s 20 years of Love and Music

Still Head over Heels: Tim and Faith's 20 years of Love and Music 1

I have always been a sucker of beautiful love stories. Recently, we gushed about Dolly Parton and Carl Dean’s. This time, let’s take a trip down memory lane with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s 20 years of love and music together.

Last fall, the lovely couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. The release of their first-ever duets album is also very soon.

“It’s an accomplishment,” McGraw acknowledged their milestone anniversary to Us Weekly in October. “In our business, it’s really probably like 80 years. You know, it’s like I look at it as dog years!”

Let’s begin. Tim and Faith fell in love in McGraw’s Spontaneous Combustion Tour. She then, was opening for the show.

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Tim just broke up with his fiancée Kristine Donahue and Faith was engaged with Scott Hendricks. Faith called off the engagement but she was unapologetic when she chose to be with Tim.

“If someone is going to judge my character because I was engaged to somebody and then I left him for somebody else—’Oh, okay, now she’s a slut and a bad person’—I can’t control that,” the “This Kiss” singer told People in 2000, describing her previous relationship as “not a rock-solid situation.”

“But I wasn’t about to let Tim slip through my hands. And I had more self-worth and self-respect to not.”

And she definitely didn’t. Right after getting married in October 1996, by January the year after, she was already pregnant with their first daughter Gracie Katherine (May 1997). Followed by Maggie Elizabeth (August 1998) and Audrey Caroline (December 2001).

In 2000, the whole family embarked on their first tour Soul2Soul. Another in 2006-2007. They also toured Australia together in 2012. They are currently on their Soul2Soul The World tour and their song “Speak to a Girl” is climbing up the charts.

But of course, no love story is perfect. The couple was involved in a lot of split-up rumors in the past few years.

“I’ve had an affair with my makeup artist, a female; an affair with my hairstylist; my marriage is on the rocks; Maggie is not Tim’s child,” Hill ticked off the rumors all the way back in 1998. “The naysayers. I don’t need their approval. I have too much going on. If that’s their entertainment, fine.”

“We’ve been married 17 years, and since the first week we were married those things were out,” McGraw told People that November. “We don’t even think about it. The only time we ever think about it is [when we] worry about the kids. But they’ve been around it, too, so they laugh it off.”

Hill denied that they were splitting up, adding, “[Rumors] seem to be running like crazy right now for some reason. It’s perplexing. I don’t know why ‘happy’ can’t be a story.”

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All things aside, they continue to show love for each other.  Hill raved about her husband in 2000, “Tim has given me confidence and strength and my foundation. He makes me feel like I can conquer the world.” And she was still feeling it in May, when for McGraw’s 50th birthday she wrote, “This world is a better place because of you.”

McGraw told E! News in February, “I’m lucky to have her. She’s the light of our whole family’s life. She keeps everything going for us. We all strive to be like my wife, everybody in our family. If your wife holds the example for everybody in your family, that’s a good thing.”

Despite all that came, they just decided to let it go and move forward. From their statements alone, we can tell how much love they have for each other.  It’s interesting to see how things will turn out for them but I hope they will still be together.


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