A lot of people wish to be with the person who will accept them wholeheartedly. A person who will show to the world that their life is worth living. Fall in love with the person who will turn all your tears to laughter. Fall in love with a person who makes you become stronger and braver. If you already found that person, keep them because not everyone has one.

“‘Til a Tear Becomes a Rose”

It is a ballad love song penned and popularized by American country artist Leon Everette. His rendition was released in 1985 from his album Where’s the Fire. Thus, upon the release of the song, it peaked at number 44 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

'til a tear becomes a rose, keith whitley, lorrie morgan

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Since it became popular, “‘Til a Tear Becomes a Rose” was recorded by numerous music artists and one of them was Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan. The duet made by these two was released on July 1990 as a single from their album Greatest Hits. Their rendition made became popular which peaked at number 13 on both the US Hot Country Songs chart and Canada Country Tracks Chart. In addition, they won the Vocal Event of the Year at the Country Music Association awards.

 The Lyrics Breakdown

Dearest love, I know your heart is shattered,
And all my words can offer no release,
But my love will heal the pain you suffered,
And I’ll be here if you should turn to me.

“‘Til a Tear Becomes a Rose” is a song that expresses love for someone. The lyrics mentioned above show what the narrator tells his lover; that he will turn his beloved’s pain into happiness. I think this classic love song helps all those hopeless romantics fall in love again.

Keith Whitley, Lorrie Morgan, 'Til a Tear Becomes a Rose

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“‘Til a Tear Becomes a Rose” is a reminder that there will always be that perfect person who will love and accept you after all the pain you felt in the past.

Listen to Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan’s “‘Til a Tear Becomes a Rose” below: