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“The Ties That Bind” By Don Williams: An Anniversary Song

don williams

This is the perfect song for wedding days or anniversaries. “The Ties That Bind,” a soulful song for couples celebrating their life together. It is marvelous to hear stories of people in love for many years. Staying together despite the hardships, and going through all of the challenges, it’s a story worth sharing.

Don Williams and “The Ties That Bind

Don Williams’ “The Ties That Bind” was written by Clyde Otis and Vin Corso in 1974. It peaked at No. 4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs, in 1975. It remained on top for 15 weeks. This song was included in Williams’ album, Don Williams Vol. 3. His album peaked at No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums, in 1974. Furthermore, it remained on top of the charts for 27 weeks.

Williams’ voice makes it a perfect and heartfelt song to dedicate to your wife or husband during your anniversary.

A Perfect Anniversary Song

If you are getting married or wanting to dedicate a song to your special someone, this could be it. The perfect love song for couples out there. A song that talks about everything. In the song, the narrator is grateful that his wife is always there for him, despite all the hardships.

Some people think that getting married is what matters most, but the truth is how you make the marriage last forever is the most important thing. Being married is never that easy, you have to keep every day special. You have to keep the fire burning until the very end. However, nowadays people get married that easily, then get divorced quickly. Rarely, or maybe sometimes do we hear couples who stayed together for a long time. When you ask them they usually say that the key to making a marriage work is the effort, and not giving up on each other.

It may be difficult to stay in love for a long time, but if you are certain that that person is ‘the one,’ then maybe you have to work hard for it. After all, it is always worth it to be with the person you love forever.


don williams, the ties that bind

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