June 14

“Take Up Thy Cross,” Another Gospel Song by The Wilburn Brothers

wilburn brothers take up thy cross

Would you give up everything to follow the Lord? This question is easy to answer at the moment, however, if you are in a situation where you have to choose between God and the things you have, it will become a difficult question.

When we get attached to the things or the people around us, it’s not that easy to give them up, because when they are gone or taken out of our life it will be difficult. That is why we should always be careful not to get too attached to the things around us. We should learn to know when enough is so that when the time comes when you have to choose, you can easily choose God.

The Wilburn Brothers’ Song

The Wilburn Brothers recorded “Take Up Thy Cross” for their album Take up Thy Cross which they released in 1964. Alfred Ackley wrote the song in 1922. The Wilburn Brothers always knew how to deliver a gospel song that is truly meaningful and worth listening to.

All About the Song

“Take Up Thy Cross” is a gospel song that reminds us of the sacrifices Jesus has done for us. Jesus managed to take all the pains and sufferings to save our soul. He gave us a chance to have a happy life. Let us be reminded of it and let us never forget to thank the Lord for all His sacrifices. In return, let us learn to serve God and follow the right path that leads to Him. If you are asking where the right path is, all you have to do is pray, and God will lead you.

Be reminded that when you choose the path where God is, you are going to sacrifice a lot in your life. You will be traveling on a road that is challenging. However, always remember that at the end of this is the prize more precious than gold.

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