August 11

Throwback: Hank Williams Sr. Performs “Hey Good Lookin’”

Everybody knows Hank Williams Sr. as one of the legends of country music and a lot of people still listen and enjoy his songs. Have fun as you watch him perform one of his hits “Hey Good Lookin’.”

Throwback: Hank Williams Sr. Performs “Hey Good Lookin’” 1

Eventhough he left us too early, Hank Williams made groundbreaking music that became the beginnings of the modern country music. His rendition of “Hey Good Lookin’” was released in 1951. He adopted the song with the same title from Cole Porter. Williams’ version of the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame 50 years after its original release, in 2001.

With numerous double entendres related to food and cooking, the song can be considered naughty. The lyrics might be talking about food and cooking, the lyrics send a signal that Williams is interested in a woman. By the end of the song, he is promising to be in a committed relationship with the woman.


Hey Good Lookin’ Lyrics

Say hey, good lookin’ – what ya got cookin’?
How’s about cooking somethin’ up with me?
Hey, sweet baby – don’t you think maybe
We can find us a brand new recipe?

I got a hot rod Ford, and a two dollar bill
And I know a spot right over the hill
There’s soda pop and the dancing’s free
So if you wanna have fun, come along with me

Say hey, good lookin’ – what ya got cookin’?
How’s about cooking somethin’ up with me?

I’m free and ready, so we can go steady.
How’s about saving all your time for me?
No more lookin’ – I know I been tookin’
Hows about keepin’ steady company?

I’m gonna throw my date book over the fence
And buy me one for five or ten cents
I’ll keep it till it’s covered with age
Cause I’m writin’ your name down on every page

Say hey, good lookin’ – what ya got cookin’?
How’s about cooking somethin’ up with me?


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