September 18

From Flowers and Bras, Now Fans Throw Phones at Luke Bryan

From Flowers and Bras, Now Fans Throw Phones at Luke Bryan 1

From his performances, country star Luke Bryan had everything, from flowers to bras. However, it seems that it is not enough for his fans and now pelted him with their expensive iPhones.

Luke Bryan was performing in Virginia Beach when a scene went wild. During a particular set, He decided to interact with his fans. As those fans know, it was not new for a Luke Bryan concert to have a bit of fun by looking into a fan’s phone.

Bryan decided to get into his usual amusing behavior with a fan at the show. When he reached forward from the stage, he grabs a fan’s phone from them and began reading eagerly from the stage. It is while he was doing that several other fans become jealous. What happened next was hilarious, the fans started to throw their smartphones to the country super star.

If they were wishing that Luke Bryan is going to read their phones, their wish will never be granted for that moment, but maybe in another concert. The best that Bryan offered them were subtle burns while he took the situation in stride.

“They are weapons, you assholes,” Bryan joked shortly before returning to his music. He was able to get fans unified again with “Crash My Party.”

During that moment, one of his crew came to stage to collect the thrown phones from off of the stage. Those fans who thought it was a good idea to toss them may very well be out of a phone.

The Concert of Luke Bryan, Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’, Every Day Tour is nearly coming to end. He’ll be going to Texas, California, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona before ending his performance.

Good thing Bryan did not get hit. It was quite funny though, don’t you think? Let us know in the comment below and don’t forget to share this story to other country fans to share the laughs.



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