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“Through It All”: A Faith That Endures Amidst Life’s Trials

"Through It All": A Faith That Endures Amidst Life's Trials 1

Andrae Crouch, a renowned gospel music artist

“Many of the songs I’ve written speak to me as far as telling me the process of how to get through things. ‘Through It All’ in particular, lets me know you have a lot of experiences in life and you must learn to trust Jesus.” – Andrae Crouch

There are many artists in the music industry who draw inspiration from their personal encounters with the Divine Being for their music. The moment we, as listeners, realized these songs were crafted out of its writer’s real-life experiences, we not only come to love the song but the singer as well. One good example we can talk about for this subject is the late Andrae Crouch. One of the most loved singers and songwriters in gospel music, Crouch has been a key figure in the Christian Music movement of the 1960s and 1970s. For 40 years, the musician made use of his talent to inspire people from all walks of life. Apart from singing gospel songs, he also wrote them for other gospel singers. Interestingly, many secular artists have sung his songs too. Moreover, Crouch has collaborated on projects with different artists. Among them were Paul Simon, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Barbara Mandrell, Elton John, Madonna, and Vanessa Williams.

Throughout his career, Crouch has accomplished a lot. He recorded a total of 15 albums, won Grammy Awards, worked on musical scores for movies such as The Lion King, Freel Willy, and The Color Purple. He was also nominated for an Academy Award, performed for presidents and kings, and contributed plenty of songs to church hymnals.

An Inspiring Experience Behind A Beautiful Song

One of the numerous songs Crouch wrote that demonstrates how he lived and believed the words he’s singing is “Through It All.” The words of his well-loved song summed up his life including his struggles and triumphs. And all those he went through taught him to trust Jesus all the more.

As a boy, Crouch battled with dyslexia and had to overcome stuttering. The hardest times of his life came when his family members passed away one after the other. His mother went first, then his father, and then his brother. They all died in a span of two years. With the quick passing of his loved-ones, Crouch admitted having difficulty at times trusting Jesus. He even displayed anger toward God.

One day, he broke into tears during prayer. Before God, he laid his bare soul and confessed his feelings of grief and loss. In the midst of that prayer, he strongly felt God’s encouragement to praise Him. Initially, he refused, saying, “I cannot praise you going through like this. I cannot do it. I don’t feel like it.” After striving within for an hour or so though, he eventually gave in. The next thing he did was thank Jesus and praise Him. Then he was overwhelmed with strength and his soul was filled with the joy of the Lord. With that experience, Crouch said he learned a valuable lesson.

“If depression comes for anything, learn to praise Him.” I know I’ve written a whole bunch of songs about that, but I learned it myself. It’s incredible – the power of praise.”

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