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The Significance of “Three Wooden Crosses” in our Society

“Three Wooden Crosses” depicts what is prevalently happening in our society. There are people seeking happiness, acceptance, and inner peace. Somehow, their souls are lost and need to be found. However, for some, it is late for redemption. But, the song is a reminder that it is never too late to redeem yourselves.

Posted by Josh Turner on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yes, we are humans, and we make mistakes. We make bad decisions in life that affects our way of living. Worst is that we touch the people surrounding us. With this, a good relationship, love, and trust can be devastated. Nevertheless, the point is, it is never too late for a change. There is always a place in our hearts for forgiveness and transformation. The transformation for us to become better people. We can still be happy doing things the way we like, and we can still enjoy the perks of life while becoming a better person.

Three Wooden Crosses

The story is about four passengers, a farmer on vacation, a teacher looking for higher education, a hooker, and a preacher. All are searching for their lost souls. The passengers are traveling from the United States to Mexico. However, faith was not smooth; the bus was involved in a fatal accident hitting an 18-wheeler. The crash killed three of the passengers. The lyrics ask why there were only three crosses and not four.

Indeed, the song is powerful enough to inspire people to change the course of their lives. Besides, it is an intense depiction of faith and redemption. These seem fit to what is happening around us. Time is perhaps running out, but change does not require time. It requires sincerity and wholeheartedness to embrace change.


“Three Wooden Crosses” is one of the most famous country gospel songs performed by Randy Travis. After he released the song, various artists made their interpretations. Josh Turner is one of the credible artists with a rendition. He covered the song in 2016 in celebration of the “50th Annual CMA Awards”.


Josh Turner, Randy Travis, Three Wooden Crosses

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