December 28

No Lost Cause in King George’s “Three Nails and A Cross”

Seeing the artist’s name and the song title, you can bet truly good stuff is coming.

“Three Nails and A Cross” by George Strait

Yet again, George Strait did not fail his fan. He brought us a tune that everyone could relate to. But more than gaining his audience’s approval, George has far pleased the One whose opinion he would care about. That would be the Lord.

Song’s Anatomy

The familiarity of his voice, soothing melody and the heartwarming message were blended neatly. It is a gospel song meant to be easily learned and played by heart. And speaking of a message, the following is a brief discussion.

Text Analysis

Three nails. One cross.

Three lives. One hope.

One represents the narrator while the other two depict an unknown man and a pregnant teenager. They have issues they want to get fixed. Fortunately, the narrator knew of the solution.

Let us begin with the man. He laments his present state while perhaps reminiscing his years of glory in the past. Concerned, the narrator checked on him. He then encouraged the man of a ‘better way’ to deal with life’s disappointments. That is in remembering how much Christ’s sacrifice has accomplished for him.

Next is the girl who got impregnated by her boyfriend and left. Depression and fear gripped her at the thought of her parents. But before she could think of doing herself harm, a Bible near her bed saved her sanity. She surrendered her case in the hands of the Person who could help her best.

Bottom line is, there is forgiveness for everybody regardless of the mistakes we have committed. Those three nails and that cross existed for the purpose of redeeming mankind.

So instead of making a pity party for ourselves, we are to look at what Jesus has done.


George Strait, gospel

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