January 2

Looking for the “Three Nails And A Cross” with George Strait

Humans are hard to forgive and that’s a fact. Others will hold grudges for years. Thus, others will stick to the saying “I will forgive, but I will never forget.” Why is it so hard for humans to forgive? We are taught in church that we need to forgive just like how God forgave us from our sins. Anyhow, look at the bright side. Once we forgive, we will not be bothered or stressed anymore. We will not have a toxic day. We are only humans, and it’s unavoidable for us not to forgive. Maybe, the best way that we can do is to ask enlightenment and guidance from the Lord. This way, we will have a clear and calm mind. And maybe, we will be enlightened on what to do. Listen to the hit of George Strait, and you will understand what I mean.

The King Of Country

He was a son of a math teacher and a cattle ranch owner where he worked during the weekends. In addition, his parents got divorced when he was four years old, but this did not affect him in finishing his studies. Also, his first influence in music was “The Beatles” because they were the biggest act at that time. Of course, who would forget the “King of Country?” He’s no other than George Strait.

Looking for the “Three Nails And A Cross” with George Strait 1
Photo Credits: George Strait Official Home Page

Is Forgiveness Necessary?

This is one of the acts that humans are having a hard time to give — forgiveness. Is it because we are humans that we are usually affected by our feelings? Anyway, if you are having a hard time to forgive, then listen to the song “Three Nails and a Cross.” This hymn was released in 2011, and it was included in the album of George Strait, Here for a Good Time. In closing, this would be a nice song choice to start the year.



George Strait

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