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Admiring Thomas Rhett’s “Look What God Gave Her”

Thomas Rhett’s song “Look What God Gave Her” makes us realize that finding our life partner is never easy. Let’s accept the fact that people come and go. Some people will stay while some will teach us a lesson. But how will you know if that person is meant for you? Many relationships fail because God isn’t the center of their relationship. Therefore, let’s not be afraid of praying to God and opening our hearts to him. If you’re tired of having failed relationships, then tell Him the traits you want about someone. It may take time, but I swear, it will be worth the wait. Stop rushing things.

Thomas Rhett’s Life

Thomas Rhett
Photo Credit: Thomas Rhett/ by Screengrab

Thomas Rhett Akins Jr., also known as Thomas Rhett, is an American Country Music singer and songwriter. His father is also a known Country singer and songwriter, Rhett Akins. After learning how to play the drums in high school, Thomas and his father would go onstage and perform. He also started playing in his first band The High Heeled Flip Flops. He had nothing in his mind but music. Rhett’s interest in music widened, and as a result, he failed to keep his promise to his mom. He dropped out of college and started pursuing his career in music.

While playing at a club, an executive from Big Machine Label Group discovered his talent and offered him a publishing deal to write songs. He accepted the offer and began writing.

On 2019, Rhett released “Look What God Gave Her” as a single to his upcoming fourth studio album, Center Point Road.

“Look What God Gave Her”

Look What God Gave Her” was co-written by Thomas Rhett with Julian Bunetta, Ammar Malik, John Ryan, Jacob Kasher, and Rhett Akins. This song officially hit the airplay on March 2019. The song was the lead single from his album Center Point Road.

This song perceives an image of a perfect woman who is Rhett’s wife, Lauren. According to him, having this perfect woman in his life is a great blessing. Furthermore, he believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Thomas dedicates this song to his lover and spends the majority of the song, as it implies, thanking God for creating her.

Nobody’s perfect, but in this song, someone is wanted, not because she is beautiful, but she was recognized by her uniqueness. This teaches us that we don’t have to worry about our physical appearance. We don’t need to change to be appreciated because there is someone out there praying to have you.

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