August 17, 2018

THIS IS GOD: Phil Vassar Relays God’s Plea for Accountability

If you try to picture the situation of the world today, you’ll see these:

Places from all around the world have been experiencing disasters from weather and temperature irregularities. To name a few, Wildfires around the U.S. are still raging as the level of heat continues to rise. Reports say over 1.6 million acres are already consumed by the fire and the rage is still being taken under control. According to sources, a massive corona hole has opened on the sun spewing solar wind at 700 kilometers per second that can possibly cause minor geomagnetic storms.

Wildfire in California
Wildfire in California (Aug 14) / Strange Sounds

Volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, and earthquakes continue to alarm people from different villages of the world. And though half of the world is battling against severely hot temperature, the other half is struggling from floods and landslides caused by heavy rains.

Our water resources will always be affected by these abnormal weather and temperature that actually started decades ago. We’re just experiencing worse effects (worsts may not yet be seen) these days. Millions of dead creatures from the water continue to appear on the shores. Our oceans are now facing a mass extinction on a level beyond our control.

What’s more? Wars and tensions worsen among powerful countries. The list of millions of innocent lives grows longer and longer as bombs, nuclear weapons, and terror continues to arise.

With all these realities that envelope the Earth, what do you think God wants to tell us now?


Phil Vassar’s single “This is God” has a timely message for the world. It reflects the perspective of God and His disgust towards the radical attitude of His people today. The human race has allowed hatred and violence to rule over them that caused all these wars, protests, terrorism and the like. And when nature gives back to us the consequence of our irresponsibility, we feel helpless. Subsequently, the song calls for responsibility and change of heart. We have to act right now before it’s too late.

The move towards better change will start from your own self, fella. Start by showing compassion to the little things you’ve got in there. Have the sense of accountability with everything that you do. Be reminded that every action has its specific consequence.

And of course, make it a priority to consult God with every decision you make. Ask for protection from harm and pray for peace and unity to spread. It’s not yet too late, grace and mercy still work.

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Phil Vassar, This is God

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