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Mark Lowry Sings His Mom’s Song, “I Thirst”

Mark Lowry Sings His Mom’s Song, “I Thirst” 1
If you’ve been keeping tab of Mark Lowry online, you might have heard him speak occasionally about his mom. He’d oftentimes use his fond memories of him, growing up, as illustrations for his comic acts. People would always have a good laugh hearing the ordeal that Mrs. Lowry had to go through raising Mark. However, on December 2, 2013, her heart stopped. Both her immediate (Lowry) and extended (Gaithers group) families were saddened to lose her. Still, they’re grateful that she went to be with the Lord.

Watch one of the most endearing moment Mark had with his mom.

Mark Lowry’s Duet with His Mama Bev in “I Thirst”

A musician in her own right, Beverly Lowry wrote “I Thirst” by The Cathedrals. She had also co-written several Southern Gospel songs. Among her songs to be recorded were, “When They Found Nothing” (Legacy Five), “Across the River” (Triumphant Quartet), “The Ground is Level” (Ernie Haase), and “Monuments” (Legacy Five).

Song’s Anatomy

Mrs. Lowry had two bible accounts in mind when she wrote: “I Thirst.” One was about the Samaritan woman whom Jesus met at the well. Jesus told her about the living water. That if she drinks from it then she’ll never thirst again. She responded in faith and brought the whole town of Samaria to listen to Jesus. The other account was when Jesus was hanging on the cross. There he uttered, “I thirst.”

Song Meaning: The living water was a reference to the Holy Spirit. He was poured out in full among believers after Jesus Christ ascended to the heavens. Hence, the first verse’ last line stating that he has to die first before he could give the “living water.”

“And like a river, it wells up inside me
Bringing mercy, and life-giving love.”

This living water then is the Christian’s life force. It empowers her to do mighty acts for God’s glory.


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