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If You Dreamed of “The Third Man”, Would You Cry Too?


If You Dreamed of "The Third Man", Would You Cry Too? 1

The Holy Bible first taught us about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ until the moment He took His last breath. His dying on the cross is a symbol of his great love to all humankind, good or bad. He sacrifices his own life for the whole human race to experience eternal salvation. Since time immemorial, the mystery of Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and resurrection is a celebrated event for most Christians.

Considering Christ’s crucifixion as one of the most significant events in history, many gospel songs have been written about it. One of these songs is Conway Twitty’s “The Third Man” which appears on his 1973 album Who Will Pray Me. It’s a very touching song and worth listening to this season of Lent.

A Dream About Christ’s Crucifixion and Death

The song tells a story about the narrator’s stirring encounter with Jesus in his dream. That particular moment when Christ spent His last few hours, along with two others, nailed to the cross was the dream’s main subject. The tune opens with a line citing the narrator taking a walk at Mt. Calvary. He was then taken aback by what he saw.

“I saw upon three crosses / Three men in agony;

Two cried out for mercy / And a third man, he looked at me.”

He looked back at Him and his heart almost shattered seeing the pain He has endured. Realizing that His great sacrifice was meant for him, he found himself kneeling before The Third Man’s cross. There, he empathizes with Him until He utters His last words and died. At that particular instant, the world seemed to have grieved with him. Upon waking up from his dream, the man found himself cried for real. If you were the man who dreamed of Jesus dying on the cross, would you cry too? We would be glad to hear your thoughts.

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