October 5

On Thinking about Living with Music’s Almost Prodigal Son, Bob Luman

We’ve lost most of our happy people
And I’m wondering why

(lifted from B. Luman’s Song)

Troubles and miseries sure do love chain reactions. Not wanting them to spoil your mood and cloud your clarity of thinking, you go take a break. Good thing, music always provides a momentary solace and could even lift your spirit. Now, I love it when you happen to encounter a song that expresses exactly your sentiments! For me, that would be Let’s Think About Living by Bob Luman. Sure, we do not have all the perfect circumstances in life but that ain’t a wise reason to butcher happiness when they come in small packages like this lively singing of Bob Luman.

So here, drop all those stressful weights and have a dose of honky-tonk take on “Let’s Think About Living.”


A native of Texas, son of a musician, and a lover of sports. He first concentrated on pursuing his passion for sports and when he did not make it, decided to make music for a living. Though country was his initial exposure, he was drawn to the more edgy music of rockabilly and tried his best to follow Elvis Presley’s patch. He formed a band and soon became a part of the then-popular TV show, Louisiana Hayride.

However, he had moderate, local successes in rock and roll.  Disillusioned, he wanted to try sports again and be a professional baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Luckily, the Everly Brothers heard of his plan and they talked him out of it.

After transitioning to country, his songs blasted the national airwaves with Let’s Think About Living and Lonely Women Make Good Lovers which flew to the top ten of country charts. For two decades, he was a featured star at the Grand Ole Opry and cut records. Unfortunately, he passed away soon at age 41 due to pneumonia.


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