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Know What Garth Brooks Considered “Thicker Than Blood”

A top twenty hit off his studio album Scarecrow, “Thicker Than Blood” has a story that pictures Garth Brooks reminiscing a family that was not the most traditional. “Thicker Than Blood” is a song co-written and recorded by Garth Brook, and was released in May 2002. It is the fourth single from his album “Scarecrow”. The song reached top eighteen on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Jenny Yates was Brook’s co-writer. It was an influential message that related with many in the later years of Garth’s big days.

Know What Garth Brooks Considered "Thicker Than Blood" 1

The Story Line

“Thicker Than Blood” is about Brooks’ father, who served in the United States Marine Corps. Brooks also said that he did not want to denote that his father was an “ex-marine”, but could not find any other way to label him while fitting the song’s rhythm. “Thicker Than Blood” debuted at top fifty-eight 58 on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart on December 1, 2001, based on unsolicited airplay following the album’s release. Officially, on June 15, 2002, the song re-entered at top sixty on the chart.

Much as it speaks about challenges in a family, it also speaks of truth in times of chaos. One stanza questions why we love our neighbor with fists in our hands and kill each other when we do not agree. These may have been the experiences his father had during battles. Moreover, the song seeks God as the character in the song feels the struggles his family is facing.

Ethics Reiterated in the Song

Why can’t we see the walls we can’t see through
And see what God’s been telling me and you
(and that is) Blood is thicker than water
Oh, but love, love is thicker than blood.

Garth Brooks shares the wonderful moral of the story. He tried to deliver that no matter what the story of your own family is, the love you share is still the most important of all. Even though you have different last names, different dads, moms, a few brothers and sisters, love is more important than the blood in your veins. And, that love makes you strong and it makes your family significant.

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Garth Brooks, Thicker Than Blood

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