March 13

The Voice Country Hopeful Smashes Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women”

Andrew Sevener, a native of Alvaro, Texas joined The Voice with a surprisingly amazing cover of the hit Rolling Stones song “Honky Tonk Women.”

The Voice, Loretta Lynn, Coal Miner's Daughter
via The Voice’s Official Facebook Page

Night five of the Blind Auditions rolled around Monday, the 11th of March with a bang. Country music’s banner waved proudly with the first representative to give a perfect mix of a classic rock song and making it totally country.

Watch the amazing audition here!

The Voice’s Andrew Sevener

The hopeful explained where he got his inspiration and his musical influences from.

“I live in a very, very small town. The only big thing that goes through there is the freeway. “I asked my dad if he could teach me how to play guitar around fifth grade….Yeah, just went on from there.”

At age 15, he started to play in a band with his parents. He expressed that playing in a band with them was fun and that he learned so much from them. But then again, he was trying to get his solo career to take off as well.

He also expressed the plights of not being a full-time artist, and that sometimes it gets hard too.

“I have a day job—I’m a motor-home tech and motor-home specialist. And there’s times where I’m playing seven gigs a week. It’s a lot of work, but if that’s what I got to do to make my dreams come true, then that’s what I got to do.”

But his hard work certainly paid off, as Coach Blake Shelton wasn’t hesitant to turn for the Texas hopeful. It was a surprise, however, that he was the only coach that turned for Sevener.

The Voice, Blake Shelton, Artist Humanitarian Award
via Blake Shelton’s Official Facebook Page

“What are y’all laying down over there for?”

Shelton shouted, expressing his disbelief; to which rookie coach John Legend replied with:

“We’re intimidated by you, Blake.”

Coach Kelly Clarkson did rave about his voice. And Shelton added that he could hear the hints of the musical stylings of Hank Williams Jr. during his performance.

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