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Another Track From THE SHACK, Skillet Expresses Faith in STARS

Another Track From THE SHACK, Skillet Expresses Faith in STARS 1
The Shack (image from www.theshack.movie)

The movie, “The Shack” has been the talk of the country music and Christian community especially during the first month of its release. For the country community, Tim McGraw’s participation in the movie, brought pride. He was able to share a message of faith through his role. Also, he wrote the soundtrack of the movie, “Keep Your Eyes on Me,” together with his wife Faith Hill, and friends, Lori McKenna and Shane McAnally.

On the other hand, the Christian community have different views about the outcome of the movie. Some appreciated the production, while others were bothered about some character representation. Nonetheless, the tracks used in the movie created a last song syndrome for the viewers. And Skillet, an American Christian rock band, shares a part in the success of the movie. Their song, “Stars,” helped capture the emotion of the viewers.

Another Track From THE SHACK, Skillet Expresses Faith in STARS 2
Skillet (image from Youtube)

“Stars” reminds us that we are not alone

Skillet’s lead vocalist, John Cooper, voiced the message they wanted to relay in their song, “Stars.” The song gives emphasis on God’s presence, even in the seemingly invincible moments of our lives.

The song went specifically different, as it displays the softer side of Skillet. It is the most intimate and emotional song on the band’s record so far. The music video for the song was designed to capture the feeling of being alone in the galaxy, yet not “feeling” alone. The light shining in the darkness transmits a message of hope as well.

Again, let us not forget the sole message of the song. God takes control of the largest elements of this world, but He still knows every piece of you. You are never insignificant. God cares about everything in you. Never give up on life, there are a lot of things worth fighting for – people, loves, and your beliefs.

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