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The story of “The Other Little Soldier” by Josh Gracin

Josh Gracin the other little soldier

Death is difficult to explain to a little child. With their young minds, they don’t understand what life is and what death is. All they know is they are happy every day and they are loved. Kids don’t know what war means and what happens in the war. That’s the sad thing about war, it takes away lives of innocent people. People who sacrifice their lives to help others achieve their freedom. Furthermore, it breaks the hearts of millions of families waiting home for their loved one to come home safely.

Inside the Song “The Other Little Soldier”

“The Other Little Soldier” was performed by Josh Gracin in 2004. It’s about a little boy who likes to play or pretend that he is a soldier fighting his enemies. Moreover, he does what he knows his father does. When his father was called to serve in the military the boy knows nothing about it nor understood what is happening. All he knew is that his father is going to fight for something and that’s all. When his father arrived home, he was laid down in a coffin made for brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect their country. The little boy couldn’t do anything. The only thing he did for one last time was to raise his hand to give his father one salute before his father is laid on his resting place. Thus, making the song truly heartbreaking.

Josh Gracin

Josh Gracin was a former American Idol contestant. He won the fourth place on the show. His famous hit songs that were on the top 10 of the Billboard charts were “Nothin’ to Lose,” “I Want to Live,” and “Stay with Me (Brass Bed).” Before Gracin joined American Idol he served in the United States Marine Corps. He returned to the Marine Corps to complete his service for 4 years. After his service, he released his first self-titled album. Gracin definitely understood and delivered the song well, since he knew how it’s like to serve in the military living his family behind.

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josh gracin, the other little soldier

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