Shall we all gather at “The Old Country Church” and worship the wonder that is our Lord and Savior? This hymn definitely encourages that.

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them.” – Mathew 18:20

The Loving Family in “The Old Country Church”

In one of the older Gaither Vocal Band videos, the hymn “The Old Country Church” was featured. When they performed this song, it was sung in a boisterous way that would encourage any listener to join in on the celebration and sing along.

What are they celebrating? Well, nothing, in particular, just the fact that brothers and sisters in Christ have gathered together to worship the Lord.

That’s it, and on many occasions, that is all that we need. We Christians need to remember that we have one of the best communities out there.

However, it isn’t always perfect, there are those among us who would rather spread hatred and ignorance instead of the love that God has given us.

These kinds of actions shouldn’t be tolerated and should be discouraged. We aren’t a family that persecutes others, only God has the right to do that. Instead, we were tasked by Jesus to help spread the good news – that we are saved from sin and that we are once again permitted to enter God’s realm.

Hurricanes and Fires, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, the grumbling christians, the old country church

Image lifted from Pixabay

The Bible doesn’t tell us to spread hatred, fear, or anger. It tells us to love, accept, and understand. That is what makes our community one of the best out there.

We are a community that truly shows the image of God. We represent him well and should strive to continue doing so. God welcomed us despite our sins, we too should know how to welcome others and love and accept them for who they are. Best of all, we welcome anyone to join us in worship at “The Old Country Church.”

Watch the energetic performance of “The Old Country Church” here!