October 31

The Martin’s “Grace:” A Wonderful Declaration of God’s Mercy

When you think of the grace of God, can you really give the best word to describe it? Perhaps, saying God’s grace is “amazing,” “mind-blowing,” or “marvelous” is not enough to really explain it. But to a large extent, these words offer substance and meaning to what God’s grace is. The classic gospel tune “Amazing Grace” provides a good account of how gracious God is.

Many of us oftentimes do not notice God’s grace because we are completely drowned to our sins. And when the time comes that we do, we tend to be a little ashamed to God. Questions like, “God, do you still love me?” or “Am I that worthy to receive your grace?” become our immediate defense. But again, being gracious as He is, God won’t look at our sins. No matter how grave they are, God’s grace and love would still be greater. Because He is a perfect God, it’s no wonder His grace is mind-blowing. Here’s a wonderful song proclaiming how marvelous God’s grace is.

A Song About God’s “Grace”

The Christian music vocal trio The Martins were the ones to introduce the song “Grace.” They recorded the song on their 1996 album Wherever You Are. Describing God’s grace as marvelous, the song tells a story from a sinner’s perspective. This narrator is a sinner who has been saved by the grace of God and now sings of it with joy and gratefulness.

In the first verse, the narrator recalls being a prisoner of his own sins. As such, he became a captive of sorrow and pain. In other words, he’s been deprived of life’s great blessings such as happiness and love. But, he admitted that there’s still hope for him. His sufferings had finally come to an end when God heard the cries of his heart.

A marvelous grace then flows from above and set him free from everything that captivated him for years. Finally, he was able to fully experience the infinite love of God.

For grace marvelous grace

I needed grace to pardon and make me whole

Grace marvelous grace flows from above with infinite love

Marvelous grace 

Listen and be inspired by God’s marvelous grace as The Martins deliver a wonderful performance of the song “Grace.”


Declaration of God's Mercy, Grace, The Martins

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