October 29

The Martins On How to “Count Your Blessings” and be Thankful

Count your blessings is a powerful word especially in the Christian aspect. Others consider it as material wealth, but we forget that we are blessed in other ways too. Also, waking up in the morning is a blessing, being healthy is a blessing and eating three times a day is a blessing. Further, we tend to forget these simple blessings and worse, we forget to give thanks. Anyhow, The Martins taught us on how to count our blessings and give thanks.

“The Trio”

The Martins is composed of siblings Joyce, Jonathan, and Judy who started to perform as a group in 1990. Since their genre is gospel, they perform in churches across the state and overseas. We really love them and what separates them from other groups is that they have this distinct harmony. Even more, for years of performing, the trio garnered a lot of recognition, having them take home eight Dove Awards.

I mean, it is a privilege for a singer to be recognized because it only means that the public is appreciating their contribution to music.  Just like The Martins, who was an inspiration to other rising groups in the industry.

In 2003 however, the group had to take a break for them to grow individually. Thus, they choose to enhance their careers. Eventually, they got back together in 2010 to create more gospel music and be an inspiration once more to their fans.

“Being Blessed”

“Count Your Blessings” was one of the many inspirational singles of The Martins. Hence, due to its popularity and heartwarming message, the song won “Country Recorded Song of the Year” in 1999. Well, I can’t contest that, it has a really good message. They even used a story in the bible wherein Job lost everything yet he still praised and gave thanks to the Lord.

As human,s we always thought that blessings only come from material wealth. But, we forget the other aspects of it. Therefore, we need to reflect and give thanks to other things that the Lord is giving us. The Martins already played their role in a song. Now, it’s our chance to do our part.


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