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The Judds’ “Mama He’s Crazy:” A Popular Classic Single in the ’80s

The Judds is a well-known American country music duo composed of Naomi Judd and Wynonna Judd. They were an active country music artist from 1983 to 2017. In addition, the group is one of the most successful stars in country music. During their music career, they have won 5 Grammy Awards for Best Country  Performance and 8 Country Music Association Awards. They have also released 25 hit singles that entered the country charts. After years of performing as a duet, Judds ceased performing in 1991 after  Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Soon after, Judd became a successful solo artist. In 2010, the group has been reunited for special tours.

The Judds’ Song

Mama He’s Crazy” was popularized in 1984. This song was penned by Kenny O’Dell and produced by Brent Maher. The American country duo, the Judds, recorded this song and it was released on April 1984 as a single from their album, Wynonna & Naomi.

The Judds, Mama He's Crazy
From The Judd’s Official Facebook Page

Upon its release, “Mama He’s Crazy” peaked at the number 1 spot on US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart. Thus, it became a remarkable hit.

Since the song became a country hit, some music artists recorded their own version of it.

Lyrics Breakdown

A lot of people believe that mothers know best and honestly I am one of them. Our mothers are role models of how strong and brave we are especially for women. They are the ones who taught us what love means and as we grow older, we realize that their words are important in our lives.

Mama, I found someone
Like you said would come along
He’s a sight, so unlike
Any man I’ve known
I was afraid to let him in
‘Cause I’m not the trusting kind
But now I’m convinced
That he’s heaven-sent
And must be out of his mind

The Judds, Mama He's Crazy

The words mentioned above portrays how a mother raised a loving daughter. Every mother’s dream for her daughter is to be loved by someone more than she loves her daughter. I think that the mother being talked about in this song taught her daughter to be vigilant when it comes to love. So when someone courted her, she would not trust the guy at once. A mother does not want her daughter to be hurt or left behind. A mother and daughter may have misunderstandings sometimes, but trust me, their love with each other remains.

Here’s The Judd’s Song “Mama He’s Crazy:”


The Judd

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